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How to check TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) online?

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How to check TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) online?

Any amount deducted from salary is pinch to our pockets. TDS is deducted when the employee receives his salary. Many questions and doubts come to a novice tax payers mind:

  • Is the TDS deducted paid promptly by the employer?
  • How do I reassure that it has been credited to my PAN?
  • Can I check the TDS deducted all by my own or I need a CA for it?
  • Is permission required from the employer?
  • Are there any charges for checking your TDS?
  • How do I check TDS online?

TDS is calculated on your income and deducted from your salary; hence you have authority to check your TDS without permission of your employer. You can check it yourself without anyone’s help, and it’s absolutely free of cost! It takes only few minutes to check credit of TDS deducted. Following are the steps to check TDS Credit in Form 26AS:

1) Go to

2) Register and Login to the portal

3)Go to ‘My Account’ tab and click on view Form 26AS (Tax Credit)

4)Select year and PDF format to download the file and proceed further.

5) Open the file downloaded. The password to open this file is your date of birth mentioned on you PAN, e.g. if your birth date is 1st January, 1990 then your password will be 01011990

6) After opening Form 26 AS you will get information regarding total income on which TDS is deducted and TDS credited to your account

7)If you have internet banking facility and your PAN is linked to it, then you can use your bank’s net banking portal to check your TDS online

For security reasons, do not forget to log out from the portal and ensure you protect the file from unauthorized access.

H&R Block India strives to blend tax expertise with a strong focus on continually improving the client experience to provide all its clients with an unparalleled value proposition for filing their Income Tax Online.

Visit for more information or to find your nearest office.

Niteesh Singh
Niteesh Singh
Niteesh works as a Tax Researcher at H&R Block India. He makes taxes easy to understand for people. He creates content for the website, marketing activities and social media. He carries experience in creating a wide variety of content like blogs, press releases, research papers, etc.


  1. BAL KISHOR says:

    of 2014-2015

  2. nimeshbangawala says:


  3. Deepak aggarwal says:

    How much my tds this financial year

  4. santanu says:

    TDS is making our tax calculation more complex. Recently Recurring deposit interest rate more than 10,000 in a year is also liable to deduct TDS amount. So you have to be ready with form 15H or 15G if your taxable income is less than 2.5 lakh, but TDS deducted.

    • HRBlockIndia HRBlockIndia says:

      Hello Santanu,

      Yes, that’s right. You do need to submit form 15H / G in order to save on the TDS amount. However you must make sure that your taxable income is not going to exceed the basic exemption limit of Rs2.5 lacs in order to avoid paying any penalties later. You are liable to pay penalties if your taxable income exceeds the basic exemption limit and you have submitted for 15 H / G to save TDS.

  5. Pramod K Tiwari says:

    total tds deducted detail

  6. prabhakaran says:

    How much myTDS balance

  7. Motiur Rahman says:

    how i trancfer my TDS amount from deductor?

  8. Ashishkumar Hasmukhlal Dave says:

    I want check my paid tds

  9. Suryakant R.Psrikh says:

    How to Check my TDS deduction on line.I want to know its credit amnt.

  10. Vikram Raman bhai patel says:

    How much my tds this financial year

  11. Ram Naresh Gupta says:

    My company Puri Oil Mills Ltd did not telling of given me form 16 , how much TDS id deducted in assesment year 2014-2015

    • HRBlockIndia HRBlockIndia says:

      If you are an employee of Puri Oils Mills and earn a salary of more than Rs250,000 every year then your company must issue you Form 16 by the month of May 2015. Please follow up with your company HR department for this.


    may tds for asesment year 2014-2015

  13. HRBlockIndia HRBlockIndia says:

    Hello Shailendra Kumar Jaiswal,
    If you are our existing client please share your PAN so that we may check your TDS from your 26AS and let you know on your registered email id. Alternatively you may check it online using internet banking and checking your form 26AS.

  14. B SathyaVenkaraj says:

    I have account with Indian Bank from there my TDS has been deducted.But the banker has not given me the TDS form 16 for which I have been asking since May 2015 and because of which I have not been able to file my returns for the current year. The bank has been giving vague excuses for their inability to provide me the form. Kindly guide me as to when I can submit my returns and what I shall do.

    • HRBlockIndia HRBlockIndia says:

      You can request the bank again for the document. In case they do not issue it then please make a formal application to the concerned bank manager to obtain your Form 16A on urgency. Preserve a copy of this application and your Form 26AS. This should suffice as a proof while you file your income tax returns.

  15. maariselvam says:

    may i know how to create tds

  16. maariselvam says:

    how to create tds

  17. DINESH RAUT says:

    Sir, can you tell me is tell me is there any relaxation for handicapped person in TDS?

  18. raja shekara murthy b n says:

    i want to know my balance in tds account

  19. PRAMOD says:

    Please Give my tds money my PAN NO.CADPD2577G

    • HRBlockIndia HRBlockIndia says:

      Hi Pramod,

      You may claim your TDS money by filing your Income Tax Returns. You may file your returns with H&R Block for FREE or with expert assistance starting just at Rs. 299.

  20. HABIB SEIKH says:

    can not register on line TDS CERTIFICATE

  21. Tribhuvan nath says:

    I’m check my tds to year14/15


    How can i know my tds amount on my pan no.AUKPB3709R.


    please tell me how i can get TDS statement or print of fulfilled form16

  24. Bharath says:

    I am not able to view Form 26AS where TDS Deducted from me credited or not.

    Its going to some other below page

    TDSCPC services for NRIs is available through . Kindly register and access TDSCPC NRI services through same.

    Can some one confirm why it is not showing.

  25. sathya says:

    Sir, i am working as contractor employee for 6 months from Aug-2015 onwards,My company deducted 10% TDS from my salary, I Registered & check site, But no update is there.

  26. Mehar says:


    We have a Trust, and we did some work under this trust. I am trying to login to know about our TDS deduction details. while entering the PAN number the trust it was showing “status is mismatching”. Please help me to know about this.

    With Regards

  27. Suthakar says:

    Sir I’m worked in private organizations I earned 15000/month in our company i’m not permanent employee also but they’re deduct 1500/month in my salary for TDS how to check the TDS deduction in online I don’t have salary slip also just told me we’re deducted to 1500 for TDS

  28. Omprakash says:

    Dear Sir,

    My father had FD in Bank when FD was matured he got the amount after deduction of Rs. 20000 as TDS, but he is getting pension and he don’t have any source of income, could you please advice how i can refund this money to his account.

    Thank you in advance.

  29. sonaltravel says:

    updation on tds

  30. The Ahmedabad Maharashtrian CoOp Cr & Supp Soc. , Mr Nandkishor R Rane(Manager) says:

    how can i know my tds amount apr2015 to mar2016 on pan no AAAFT9455G
    i want tds statement for period apr2015 to mar2016

  31. Rahul Rajoriya says:

    i want to know how can i get our tds of last company

  32. Rahul Rajoriya says:

    my Pan no.BWPPR0596C

  33. Rachita says:

    For my 2014-15 return, I have entered my tds amount in self assessment tax. I want to resolve this issue. Can you please let me know what can I do? Also when I follow the above process I am not able to download any such pdf to check whether the employer has paid tds or not.

  34. Niraj Kumar says:

    Sir I don’t know password. Registered Mobile & Email id is other person (online shopkeepar))who was registered but know how to know statement and how to change mobile no and Mail id
    plz sir advice

  35. RAMAN says:


  36. Kapil says:

    Sir ,can whole tds may refund in account after its..

  37. Qureshi Iqbal says:

    How can I check tds amount deposited in my account

  38. santosh chourasia says:

    how to check my tds on line for the year 2015-16

  39. ATUL prakash says:


  40. vinit Kumar singh says:

    My TDs amount check process.


    tds status 2014-2015

  42. dia diem du lich sapa says:

    Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed!

    Very useful info specially the last part 🙂 I care for such
    info much. I was seeking this certain info for a
    very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  43. jagmohan says:

    Check my form number 16A
    Plz check and clear 2014-15

  44. kamlesh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am working in a company. My salary is 13000. My employer deducting 10% as TDS. And now when I am asking for TDS certificate then they are just ignoring me. So how can I check my TDS details, and is TDS is really deducted or not. And where I have to complaint about any problems.
    Suggest me best solution please.

    Kamlesh Kumar

  45. Manjunath Reddy says:

    Hi, an online news portal is deducting tds from my earnings fir promoting their content. i tried to know the tds infornation on website, but its asking tan n tds certificate number. can get refund of the deducted amnt and how. can u plz let me know the details

  46. Balaji S says:

    Dear Team,
    I could able to view 26AS till end of the FY 2015 to 2016, i.e till May 2016.
    But I want to see after wards i.e from April 2016 to Nov 2016.
    Even if I select 2016 to 2017 it is showing previous year data.
    How to view this ? please advice. thanks

  47. arpita30 says:

    PAN Card also known as Permanent Account Number Card is basically a ten digit alpha numeric number, issued by the Income Tax. Here you can search about pan card. this is the place were you can all of your query cleared about pan card , you can make pan card easily visit here Pan Card Verification , This is really a trust full web site were you can solve many of your problems related to pan card , I always prefer it because they guide with the right path , and complete task faster.

  48. Raj Todi says:

    Sir I’m worked in private organizations I earned 1000/month in our company i’m not permanent employee also but they’re deduct 1500/month in my salary for TDS how to check the TDS deduction in online I don’t have salary slip also just told me we’re deducted to 1500 for TDS

  49. Nandkumar Patil says:

    Need to know tax deduction details for year 2016-2017. Need to know Where I invest money for tax benefit?

    Still Now Invested for

    1. Home loan Principal – 2,50,000/-
    2.Home Loan Interest components – 46000/-
    3.Lic -30000/-
    4. Parent insurance- 7768/-

  50. Mehzan says:

    I have completed 8 months at work and my tds has been cut for 8 months in every month… can i file it now ir only after completion of one year??~

  51. praful d patel says:

    howmuch tds credit in my pan

  52. Shahid says:

    i was doing business with a private company from 201-2013 till date I have not refund my tds is there any procedure to refund the amount at present

  53. Shahid says:

    from 2011-2013

  54. arpita says:

    Nice Post.

  55. MERAJ SIDDIQY says:


  56. R G Sharma says:

    Can a father gift a FLAT to his married daughter will it be exempted from Gift Tax ?

  57. tejanil says:

    Can third party know my TDS or income details through my PAN No.?

  58. SUBBU says:


  59. Sagarika says:

    I am salaried person and my tax gets deducted by my employer. There is no chamge in my employer but this year i saw a mismatch. While filing online when i enter my salary details i see less amount against tax deducted than what is shows on form 16 A on traces.. Traces shows 117950 but in ITR 1 tax tab it shows only 67145. I am mot able to file returns. Can i add mannualy the tan and difference in amount and file ?

    What i need to do ? What is the issue ?

  60. B.Mathanagopalan says:

    I am a pensioner aged 78 . I have been filing income tax returns for the last 3 yrs since my pension has crossed the exemption limit. Now I have a small point for clarification. I am paying property tax, water tax and sewerage tax all put together comes to ₹ 5,130/- p.a.which I am paying from my pension. I wd like to know whether I am entitled to get this amount of ₹ 5100/- deducted from the gross amount taken for calculating IT or from the income tax arrived at? Pl.clarify.

  61. vivek says:

    while filling it return on i found deduction year “2017” is not available under drop down menu of Col 4 under Sch TDS2. please tell how can i mention tds deducted in 2017 for the same.?

  62. Vinod says:

    HI, I have one query regarding TDS, I have recently purchased and now I have to pay TDS. But in my agreement I have mentioned three names as purchaser (myself, my mother and my brother), so when I will fill the online TDS form for 26QB that time how I will put three pan card details as purchaser….

  63. Indira pattath says:

    Sir I want to know how much is my TDS cutting. How do I know about it

  64. Sumeet Kamble says:

    Hello Sir this is my First Job(6 months old) And my Company is deducting 10% of my Salary as TDS, how do i come to know that my Employer. My current Salary is 15000 so i guess i am not eligible for taxation as per government policies.
    How can I check my TDS details, and how do i come to know that whether my Company is depositing my TDS or not. When i Enquired them they said you would get a TDS certificate, when further enquired when and where i would get my TDS certificate they are just saying that in the next financial year when you would be filing your Return at that moment.
    Please suggest me what should i do.

    Sumeet Kamble

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