Happy Teachers’ Day! How to Learn from Your Colleagues?

Happy Teachers’ Day! How to Learn from Your Colleagues?

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Happy Teachers’ Day! How to Learn from Your Colleagues?

Teacher's Day

Learning is a continuous process. Our journey from cradle to the grave is filled with innumerable lessons. So we should never put a brake to our learning cycle. You get more opportunities to learn during your work life than you get in your school days. Don’t be surprised! Your work life is going to be very long so you must not lose your good old learning habits. Be an honest learner because your colleagues are your best teachers. On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, we bring you some key dos and don’ts which will help you learn like a pro.

Be a good listener

In an organization, people work towards achieving a common goal. So people will come up with a lot of ideas. Be all ears to their messages as you can learn a lot from them.

Be a good observer

Sometimes, you don’t need to interact with people to learn from them. You can just be a silent spectator and still learn a lot of things. There is difference between looking and observing. Pay attention to details, look mindfully, refrain from judgement and you can be a good observer.

Shed your ego

Everyone working around you has an opinion about your work. Some people will appreciate your work while some others will criticize you. Don’t be egoistic if your junior has a suggestion for you because you are never big enough to stop learning.

Acknowledge your mistakes

No matter how successful you are in your career, always be humble. All of us make mistakes. After all, it is human to err. It is your ability to learn from your mistakes that can help you climb the corporate ladder quickly.

Be dynamic

Remember that there is nothing constant in this world except change. Only those who embrace it, get the chance to taste success in life. So, be innovative and continuously update yourself.

Niteesh Singh
Niteesh Singh
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