PAN Deactivation by I-T Department for Multi Card Holders

PAN Deactivation by I-T Department

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PAN Deactivation by I-T Department

Income Tax Department is on a mission to deactivate PAN cards of people. Don’t worry, they aren’t cancelling everyone’s PAN card. As per the law, an assessee is allowed to hold only one PAN card under his name, but some people keep multiple PAN cards either knowingly or unknowingly. This has created problems for multi-cardholders. In many cases, people are losing access to such card which they use to file their tax return. Since such PAN is also used to access I-T department’s e-filing portal, people are left with blocked accounts on the portal. As a result, they can neither file their taxes nor respond to the notices or intimations received from the tax department.

What to do if your PAN is blocked?

If you are also facing this problem, then you need to follow the steps given below:

  • First, you need to draft a letter addressed to your jurisdictional Assessing Officer requesting reactivation of your PAN.
  • Now, you need to attach the necessary documents which can help you prove that the PAN which has been blocked is the PAN used by you for filing tax return. You will require the following documents:
  • Indemnity bond favouring I-T department
  • Copy of blocked PAN which is used by you to file your tax return
  • Copy of last three years’ Income Tax Return filed by you
  • Once the tax department receives your letter and supporting documents, they will initiate the process of reactivating your PAN. Verification of your documents and reactivation of your PAN will take 10 -15 days.

In case, you have received any intimation from the tax department regarding cash deposits made post demonetisation while your PAN is blocked, you need to immediately follow the above steps to get your PAN activated as soon as possible. However, since it takes 10-15 days to get your PAN activated, so in the meantime, you can respond manually by filing a response letter on paper to your jurisdictional Assessing Officer. After your PAN is reactivated by the taxman, make sure to file the response to intimation online as well to avoid any chance of getting into trouble.

Please note that holding more than one PAN card is illegal. If you are caught with multiple PAN registered under your name, then the taxman can impose a penalty of Rs. 10,000 on you. So, if you hold more than one PAN card which has not been deactivated by the tax department, then you should immediately get them cancelled yourself.

Niteesh Singh
Niteesh Singh
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  1. George Jacob says:


    Does the indemnity bond need to be on stamp paper ? If yes, what’s the value of stamp paper needed ? And who can sign as surety ?


  2. R S Chakravarti says:

    I wonder why Aadhaar started a new numbering system rather than giving PANs to everyone. Does anyone know?

  3. Bharat Patel says:

    My Pan No. ADGPP9694L is de-Activated by It Department.Reason I don’t know So please activate the same so I can file the next It Return…..

  4. Bharat Patel says:

    One more thing I can not link Adhar with Pan because of it is de-activated.

  5. Gopal Chandra Mishra says:

    My PAN has been blocked by IT Deptt 9 years back. On enquiry from the local IT office it came to be known that there is another PAN as of mine and his name and date of birth are same as mine. I was advised to apply for a new PAN and applied for it . But it was rejected thrice. I could not file return for last 8 years. But tax was being deducted at source as I was Govt employee. I have retired last February. So I need to file return. Kindly advise what to do. In the meanwhile I have lost the original PAN card. But the Xerox copy is with me.

  6. Annu verma says:

    In my PAN card there’s a Name issue of mine, so because of that am not able to use the pan card.If you have any idea please share to me or reply.
    Thank you
    Annu verma

  7. HEMCHAND JAIN says:


  8. Rajesh Kumar says:

    My PAN not seeding with aadhar, it’s showing PAN is deactivated . What should I do.

  9. SOUMEN MAITRA says:

    My PAN No. AGGPM 3451M is deactivated for unknown reason. Please activate my PAN No. for filling of IT returns which closes on 31 Jul 2017.

  10. Ram Pal says:

    Where can I make the request for activation of my deactivated pan card.I had been to Chenna on posting for 6 years and transferred to Delhi In Oct . 2012. I am regularly filing my ITR.

    My jurisdiction on web site is shown as Chennai.

    Please advise where should I send my request for activation of pan card?


    Ram Pal

  11. udayshankar J says:

    My Pan card has been blocked suddenly with a reason that it was a duplicate pancard. The current pancard was being by me for last 10 Years. All my earlier Returns were filed with my old pan no. and my investments are tracked with this Pan no.

    I saw the process mentioned in this site to activate my Pan, but do I need to personally visit the Income Tax office. If So, which Office I need to visit.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you

  12. Sandhya says:

    The best instructions and suggestions are given your site only. I got here and I like your site a lot. Thank you for giving us your support to us. You did a good job on this topic only. I am impressed.

  13. Abdur Rahman says:

    Hi I am a student and I have a pan card and when I heard of pan card deactivating I checked for mine but even after doing so it says no record from the given data but I have a pan card and it still linked it with the aadhar card even after going to know my pan option what to do?


    My Pan No. ADGPP9694L is de-Activated by It Department.Reason I don’t know So please activate the same so I can file the next It Return…..

  15. SAMADHARMAM says:

    My pan number BEMPS6324G the pan active in incom tax department. But u co to Gst registration indicates in pan dose not excite .pls clear solutions my problem

  16. pratima says:

    I have two pan card of two name so i want one pan card blocking please suggest me.Thanking you.

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