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Beat The Heat This Summer

The sun seems to be on a melting spree this summer with temperatures soaring higher. Government has even declared the worst heat wave in many years and has shared some tips to keep the heat at bay. Here are some top ways to beat the heat.

Stay hydrated:

Make sure you drink loads of water, eat lots of melons like watermelon, muskmelon and even cucumbers so that your body stays well hydrated. In summers filling up the body with water is the only way to help the body maintain its temperature.

Stay indoors:

Make sure whatever appointments or on the field jobs you have are done early in the morning or late evenings. Remaining out under the sun might not be a good idea with the sun making you sweat and dehydrate that might cause fainting and severe loss of energy. The convenience of online shopping, banking and almost any transaction is a great convenience today that can enable you to sit at home and save you from the sun. You can even file taxes online without having to visit the tax advisor.
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Precautions before going out:

The scorching temperatures in some parts of the country rise up to 48 or 49 degrees and can drain you drastically. As a precaution against heat make sure you drink cool liquids just before you leave from home. Mint, butter milk, sweet basil seeds, khus and rose are some ingredients that can be easily used in drinks to cool you down. These should be consumed on a daily basis.
Make sure you wear protective clothes like scarves/hats, sun coats, glares and apply sunscreen before going out. These small things will protect you from direct and harmful UV rays.

First aid against heat:

When you have to travel and be on the field in spite of the heat, make sure you carry water at all times and some energy drinks like glucose and juices that will help you to replenish on the water loss.
So make sure you remain cool and not let the heat bother you for these hottest days of the season. Rains are just round the corner.

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Neha Joshi
Neha Joshi
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