7 Habits to be Avoided at Work Place

7 Habits to be Avoided at Work Place

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7 Habits to be Avoided at Work Place

“A habit is something you can do without thinking – which is why most of us have so many of them.” Who does not want to take his or her career to the next level? And if you are guilty of any of the following, they are easy to stop doing this week and get back on track.

1. Isolating yourself:

If you emphasize on arguing that the point of being at work is to work, you are right. But just think about how significantly your day can change when someone smiles at you. Take some time out of your work and get yourself involved with your co-workers.

2. Avoiding work:

Sometimes there is someone better to handle a job but delegating work and simply avoiding it are both different. Having clear goals and understanding the purpose of your work can be factors of great motivation. It will also help you prioritize your work in a better way.

3. Resisting change:

Many times, people are reluctant to change. The only fact that “We have been doing it this way for 30 years” makes them resistant to new ideas. Change is for sure and it will happen with or without you, so it’s up to you either to take part in it or watch it from the outskirts.

4. Gossiping:

The workplace is a good breeding ground for gossip bacteria. If you tend to gossip over lunch, may be you should rethink going to lunch with people who gossip. If someone wants to involve you, you will be brought in the loop.

5. Being disorganized (that includes your desktop!):

Trying to be productive in a messy work space is about as effective as trying to walk when your feet are tired. One’s mind can be more balanced and focused while working in a cleaner and organized work space.

6. Not sharing experience:

If you are not sharing your work experience, start sharing it now. If you explain others about how to do a task, it will overall result in the talent management of the company. Sharing your knowledge is a positive habit that renders everyone capable of sharing responsibilities.

7. Always taking things personally:

Sometimes we interpret harmless feedback as a personal attack on ourselves. Everyone knows it is not easy to swallow criticism. But if we keep telling our self that the other’s intent was not to demean or hurt our feelings but to help us grow, learn and improve, then we can take the feedback positively without disturbing our mental peace.

Ankita Bonde
Ankita Bonde
Ankita is a CA and a tax advisor at H&R Block. She is an expert in managing Income Tax Returns and has handled many tax seasons. Her major interest areas are individual taxation more specifically focussed at FBAR and Income Tabulation for US tax clients. Her hobbies are reading books, watching movies, drawing and painting.

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