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10 Personal Finance Moves to Make Before You Turn 30

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10 Personal Finance Moves to Make Before You Turn 30

1) Have an emergency fund:

You really do not know when you would need some extra or emergency funding in your life. Be smart and save a small share from your salary every month. 30s is about relaxing & enjoying life with your kids & parents. After all, you don’t want to be stressed about saving money when you are ageing.

2) Pay yourself First:

Auto save by sending a small amount of your salary to another account every month like a reward for all the hard work you have done, after all it’s a smart techy world.

3) Set the limit:

Don’t stop living & enjoying life when you start saving, it’s an addiction to save as well. You got to find a balance between ‘having fun & having funds’. Sometimes, you have to miss out to stack up. Loosen up but within your limit.

4) Credit Card Bluff:

We all have been there! Getting stuck in the vicious cycle of credit card spending and trust us (after all we are the experts), it is a cycle which never ends. Spend only 15-20% at max of your CC limit and be smart in using you credit card.

5) Check Your CIBIL rating:

Always ensure its healthy, your dream home & car is dependent on it.

6) Invest in Policies:

Yea! Even before you turn 30. It really pays off well and saves taxes too!

7) Negotiation Skills:

Practice negotiation. Small saving here & there because your negotiation skills can help you in long run. Enter your 30s like a pro!

8) Follow Finance Gurus:

Knowingly or unknowingly, they can help you with some tips & tricks which can help you save big bucks in your 30s.

9) Treat Bonus with Love:

Plan before spending all of your bonus money. It’s like dessert you relish the most, your bonus can get you good amount of interest if you plan & invest accordingly.

10) Anticipate, prepare and save for big expenditures:

You work 24X7 only to ensure some decent comfort in your life, don’t you? You ambitions, aspirations, a wonderful lifestyle, that dream vacation you always dreamt of or a gift for your loved ones; always contribute a small share for it.

And above all, money well spent & well invested can be a blessing, so enjoy and live life king size.

Shalini Rastogi
Shalini Rastogi
Shalini Rastogi handles and drives Brand Communication for H&R Block India. She has over 10 years of experience in Marketing Communication, Integrated Marketing, Advertising, Brand Communication, Social Media, PR, Content Management and Brand Management. She loves writing insightful articles and is a blogger herself.

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