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Ankita Mathur

November 22, 2017

Impact of GST on the Tobacco Industry

There are certain things in life that we just can’t help but do, even though, our better judgment advises us not to, like falling in love with your best friend’s boy/girlfriend.  You know, logically, the object of your affection is unattainable, but you crave it […]
November 2, 2017

How can you e-Sign your GST Returns?

In the era of Digital India, the country’s new Goods and Services Tax (GST), taking effect 1 July, modernises how registered assessees sign and file their returns – online rather than by hand. Digital signing already prevails with income tax returns and the Ministry of […]
October 27, 2017

Rules and conditions of Form GST TRAN 1 and TRAN 2

Any business that has not availed Input Tax Credit (ITC) on services or a closing stock can claim credit of tax paid under the pre-GST regime, irrespective of whether they are registered or unregistered under this regime. Depending on the possession of the evidence of […]
October 24, 2017

Impact of GST on Media and Entertainment Industry

Most of us who work for 10 to 12 hours at a stretch for an entire week need some time to relax and have some time to ourselves. Entertainment being the big part of our lives makes us want to go out, visit some new […]
October 6, 2017

Impact of GST on Aviation Sector in India

Cross credits for aircraft lease taxes under the GST system will be a great boost for the local service industry. However, the Government will need to carefully consider the inflationary impact of keeping aircraft fuels outside GST. With increasing liberalisation and focus on infrastructure development, […]
September 27, 2017

Form GSTR-3B can now be filed till December

GST is already a reality, and many are still struggling to cope with the requirements of the new regime. To ease this burden and taking into account, the concerns expressed by the trade and industry government has introduced Form GSTR-3B. Tax payers will have to […]
September 21, 2017

GST Registration is on for TDS and TCS Deductors

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration for entities authorised to collect and deduct tax at source has started from September 18, 2017. This followed after the GST Council, chaired by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, at its 21st meeting in Hyderabad decided to open […]
August 9, 2017

The Process of Reconciliation under GST

It has been over a month since India’s biggest ever Indirect Tax reform has been rolled out. Now is the time to actually get down to work and get ready to comply with the procedural requirements specified under the GST Act. One such requirement is filing […]
August 9, 2017

Common Errors Encountered in Saving the Data to GSTN Through Excel

This article delineates the common errors which are encountered while uploading and saving the data on invoices to GSTN through the Offline Excel Utility.  GSTN has released the user manual, addressing the solutions for errors encountered. In this article, we will look at the commonly faced […]
August 9, 2017

Government Extends Date of Filing for Composition Scheme till 16th August 2017

The government has extended the deadline by almost four weeks, that is, until 16th August, for small businesses to opt for the composition scheme under the GST regime. Earlier the last date for an option for this scheme in the Good and Services Tax was […]